The acceptance of the proposal of Japan-UK joint research to JAEA

The research proposal titled "Efficient synthesis of granulated titanate as a reusable adsorbent for strontium ion" is accepted by "Joint research on advanced nuclear science including decommissioning relevant to Fukushima and Sellafield (Japan-UK joint research)". This is an international collaboration with Prof. Naoki Asao (Shinshu university), Prof. Natsuhiko Yoshinaga (Tohoku university), Prof. Kazuto Akagi (Tohoku university), Dr. Joseph Hriljac (Diamond Light Source) and Prof. Neil C Hyatt (The University of Sheffield).

研究分担者として参画する「革新的水質浄化剤の開発による環境問題低減化技術の開拓(研究代表者:浅尾直樹教授(信州大学)、Dr. Joseph Hriljac (Diamond Light Source)」が国際協力型廃炉研究プログラム(日英)に採択されました。浅尾直樹教授(信州大学)、義永那津人准教授(東北大学)、赤木 和人准教授(東北大学)、Dr. Joseph Hriljac (Diamond Light Source)、Prof. Neil C Hyatt (The University of Sheffield)との国際共同研究です。