Science seminar in Mutsumi-kita junior high school

I gave a lecture entitled "The Role of Scientists" at the Mutsumi-Kita junior high school in Okazaki city. It was an offline lecture after a long time, thanks to the teacher who cooperated, the planned experiment was a big hit for the students. In the impressions from the students received later, I found "Today's experiment was very interesting. I was not interested in science before, but I didn't know that science could do this, so I am very interested in science from today. I would like to take a class like this again”, I was happy to hear that. There was also an impression that "The teacher seemed to be excited and very happy, just like a kid." That’s correct. Actually, I enjoyed it probably the most.

This seminar was held with the cooperation of Mr. Takuro Kikuchi (manufacturing, IMS), Mr. Junichi Matsuo (manufacturing, IMS), Mr. Tadashi Ueda (principle demonstration experiment, IMS), Mr. Yusuke Yabara (principle demonstration experiment, IMS), Mr. Hisashi Kawase (principle demonstration experiment, CaHC Co., Ltd.), Dr. Seiichiro Izawa (advice, IMS) and Dr. Hideki Katayanagi (experiment, IMS). 

The Lecture was reported on OKAZAKI.


本セミナーは、菊地拓郎 (製作、分子研)、松尾純一 (製作、分子研)、上田正(原理実証実験、分子研)、谷原祐輔(原理実証実験、分子研)、河瀬尚(原理実証実験、(株)カーク)、伊澤誠一郎(アドバイス、分子研)、片柳英樹(実験、分子研)のご協力の下、行われました。