Improvement of electrode reaction of fluoride shuttle battery by the enhancements of electron conduction of BiF3 composite electrode

A paper of fluoride shuttle battery has been published. This paper reports that high capacities are obtained by using BiF3 active materials strongly mixed with conductive materials because of the improvements of the contact condition in a electrolyte containing triphenlyboroxyn. 


Reversible Electrochemical Reaction of a Fluoride Shuttle Battery with a Bismuth (III) Fluoride Electrode and Electrolyte Containing Triphenylboroxine as an Anion Acceptor

Hiroaki Konishi, Taketoshi Minato, Takeshi Abe, Zempachi Ogumi

ChemistrySelect, 5, 6237-6241 (2020).
This is an achievements of NEDO RISING/RISING2 projects.