30th Lattice Defect Forum

30th Lattice Defect Forum participated as the organizer was held on Dec. 12-13th as an online conference. Although the conference was expected to cancel this year, taking advantage of the online environment, the conference was held with the content differently from recent years. Thanks to the cooperation of a lot of people, I think it is a great success. After the conference, I received a message from a participant "It can be said that it was a historic conference that will be a narrative for posterity. Especially on the second day, it was a wasteful stimulus to keep it in the forum alone. I think it was something like that.” I realized that the participants had a fulfilling time.

企画・運営した第30回格子欠陥フォーラムがオンラインで行われました。今年は開催を危ぶんだ研究会でしたが、オンラインという環境を生かして、近年とは異なる内容で実施しました。様々な人のご協力のお陰で、大成功したと思っています。とある参加者から「後世の語り草にもなろう歴史的な研究会になったと言ってもよいのではないでしょうか。 特に2日目は、フォーラムだけに止めておくのはもったいないくらいの刺激的なものだったと思います。」 との感想を頂き、参加者が充実した時を過ごしたことを実感しました。