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"Atomic-level nature of solid/liquid interface for energy conversion revealed by frequency modulation atomic force microscopy"
Taketoshi Minato, Ken-ichi Umeda, Kei Kobayashi, Yuki Araki, Hiroaki Konishi, Zempachi Ogumi, Takeshi Abe, Hiroshi Onishi, Hirofumi Yamada
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 60 SE0806 (2021).  

湊 丈俊
触媒、62、15-21 (2020).
"Elucidation of physical properties and reaction mechanism of defects on the surface of titanium dioxide by using scanning probe microscopy"
Taketoshi Minato
Catalysts and Catalysis, 62, 15-21 (2020).

湊 丈俊、小西宏明、Asuman Celik Kucuk、安部武志、小久見善八
セラミックス、54、637 (2019).
"Development of Fluoride Shuttle Battery Using Organic Electrolyte "
Taketoshi Minato, Hiroaki Konishi, Asuman Celik Kucuk, Takeshi Abe, Zempachi Ogumi
Ceramics Japan, 54, 637 (2019).
Open Access

"Surface and Interface Sciences of Li-ion Batteries 
-Research Progress in Electrode-Electrolyte Interface-"
Taketoshi Minato and Takeshi Abe
Prog. Surf. Sci., 92, 240–280 (2017).

“Atomic defect in titanium dioxide”
Taketoshi Minato
Chem. Rec., 14, 923–934 (2014).

"Au/TiO2 触媒の活性発現機構における論争点
湊 丈俊、 加藤浩之、川合眞紀
表面科学27、7-13 (2006).
"Controversy in the reaction mechanism of Au/TiO2 catalytic activity
-Progress in the research using model catalysts- "
Taketoshi Minato, Hiroyuki Kato, Maki Kawai
J. Surf. Sci. Soc. Jpn., 27, 7-13 (2006).
Open Access

"X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Utilizing a Fluorescence Spectrometer: Site Selective Structure Determination of Environmental Catalysts and Adsorbents"
Yasuo Izumi, Fumitaka Kiyotaki, Hiroyasu Nagamori, and Taketoshi Minato,
Studies in Surf. Sci. and Catal., 145, 177-180, (2003).

"Supported ruthenium carbido-cluster catalysts for the catalytic removal of nitrogen monoxide and sulfur dioxide: the preparation process monitored by sulfur K-edge X-ray absorption near-edge structure"
Yasuo Izumi, Taketoshi Minato, Ken-ichi Aika, Atsushi Ishiguro, Takayuki Nakajima, and Yasuo Wakatsuki,
Studies in Surf. Sci. and Catal., 143, 361-368, (2002).